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System Check-up

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Professional health check and system tune up for Zipato smart home.

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Service Check-up

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  • System health check
  • Controller tune up
  • Upgrading firmwares
  • Upgrading applications

Keep your Zipato controller running like new

Adding new devices, rules, scenes and using more memory causes controller slow-downs over time. But you can restore like-new speeds with Zipato tune up, included with Check UP service. This comprehensive inspection and repair service is designed to analyze your system, optimize it’s settings and locate things that stand in the way of reliable performance.


Why choose Premium Support?

Problems with your devices, home network, rules, or automation system in general can be very frustrating. Zipato Services Premium Support is here to help, with best-in-class skills, technology, and processes to solve the problem right the first time and save you time and hassle. If you’ve got a new device, we’ll help you connect it to your Zipato system. From first-time setup to ongoing maintenance and as-needed troubleshooting, our experts will help you fix your Zipato system issues fast. Now’s your chance to put home automation issues in the hands of experts — and put do-it-alone tech support behind you.


When should I use CheckUp service?

If you have some issues with your Zipato system, or you just want to be sure that all controllers and applications are updated to latest versions, logs are clean, rules are all running etc…

Can I have my rules made by Zipato?

CheckUp service includes checking up of your rule engine. However, creating new rules requires is not included and requires PRO HOUR service.

How it works?

After purchasing the CheckUp service, you will receive an email with the coupon code. Go to and submit new service Request. Zipato technician will then guide you through the rest of the process and provide the CheckUp service.

Will CheckUp fix all my issues?

The answer depends of what kind of issues do you have with your system. CheckUp service generally includes minor fixes, firmware upgrades, cleaning logs and system diagnostics. In case of some bigger issue which requires programming services or analyzing complex rules, PRO HOUR service could be required.

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