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Professional hour

US $ 65,00 -

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Professional hour

US $ 65,00 - See details

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How it works?

After you purchase the PRO HOUR service, you will receive the email with the coupon code. Go to and submit Service Request. Our technician will guide you through the rest of the process.

How many hours should I buy?

The best practice would be to go to and submit a Services Request first. After explaining your request, our technician will advise you how many PRO HOURS are needed for our team to fulfill your request.

Can I use one PRO HOUR for multiple service requests?

In case you will have more then 15 minutes left after we resolve your Request, you will be allowed to open a new Request.

Which services I can ask for within PRO HOUR?

PRO HOUR includes all possible services related to Zipato platform. Depends of what type of Request to you have, we will assign a team member with most suitable skills.




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