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Connect all Z-Wave, Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos and a number of other devices in your home.

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Check the status of your devices: energy, temperature and other meters, presence detectors, state of lights, shades or any other connected devices.

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Get real time push and email alerts from Zipato monitoring servers free of charge.

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Control your smart devices remotely from anywhere, and locally without Internet. All by using Zipato mobile apps and free of charge.

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Make scenarios, schedule actions and create smart rules with ease, by using Zipato online graphical tools.

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Access your IP video cameras from anywhere by using integrated proxy server and Zipato apps.

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What is Zipamicro?

Zipamicro is the home controller for connecting and managing various Z-wave and IP devices to Zipato network.  Once connected to Zipato platform, devices can be controlled manually or automatically from within various Zipato applications.

How does Zipamicro compare with Zipabox?

Zipamicro is the new, smaller version of Zipabox. Same as Zipabox, Zipamicro is running Zipato Local Server which is managing local Z-wave and IP devices. Compering to Zipabox, Zipamicro doesn’t have same expanding possibilities, but it has much stronger processing power.

How can I use Zipamicro?

Once you register your Zipamicro to your account, you can connect supported Z-wave devices to it, so you can control and automate them as you like.

How can Zipamicro work with other Zipato controllers?

As all other Zipato controllers, Zipamicro can be used as part of  Zipato multi server system. This means that you can have more than one Zipato controller in your system and they will work in cluster, as one virtual controller.

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