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Together to EU funds

The project has been founded from the

European Regional Development Fund

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

Project title

Presentation of the products and services of the Tri Plus Group (Zipato brand) for the control and automation of households on the international market.

Project description
Target groups and end users

The primary target group of the project is the Tri Plus Group and its employees. The employees of the company are highly educated staff, and their needs are permanent investments in training, competitive wages and good working conditions.

The company needs to further expand the business and markets in which it operates, continue growth, recruitment and development of employees and products and gain market advantage through continued investment in product and employee development.

The second-tier target group is the company partners in Croatia and abroad whose Zipato products are complementary to business. Their need is to place these products on the market and thus increase their own competitiveness and market growth.

The end users of promotional activities at the fairs are people or organizations using Zipato automation, security, communication and power saving products in their private and business premises.


There is still no satisfactory reach to the secondary target groups and end-users that generate the highest demand for devices and solutions from the Tri Plus group offering.

Lack of product recognisability causes lower demand and ultimately reduces competitiveness on the domestic and international markets.


Presentation of the latest Zipta products and services will increase reach to secondary target groups and open new sales channels.

International promotion would establish the brand and increase its global presence and enable the growth of exports of goods and services to it, and its partners.

Expected result

As a result of the presentation at the international trade fair, new partnerships are expected, and additionally increased revenues.

Such results would have a positive impact on the Croatian economy. The ability of the Croatian economy to participate in global markets and the share of total exports of goods would also increase, and would also be a good business example of placing products on the international market.

Growth would also incur in the other EU members through secondary target groups.

Also, the implementation of this project positively affects the problem of excessive energy consumption that contributes to the worsening of climate change. Zipato automation brings energy savings in the cooling and heating system, and as a result reduces CO2 emissions for household and business space which has a positive result in reducing global warming effects.

Project owner:

Tri plus grupa d.o.o.

Total project value:

613.608,36 HRK

Project co-financing by EU:

521.567,10 HRK

Project implementation period:

01.08.2019 – 31.12.2022.

For more information please contact:

Ines Rankovic, e-mail:

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