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You deserve it

Full comfort for you and your entire family!

With Zipato you can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, shades, home appliances, curtains, irrigation, home entertainment… just about everything in your home. You can easily automate your home to improve comfort, usability and even save energy.

Zipato Principles


Adjust everything in your home with just the click of a button.

Program several commands  to one button so that you can create your preferred mode or environment with one press of the button. For example, a “Welcome Home” mode can create the exact environment you wish when arriving home with evening lighting, floor heating, music and blinds all adjusted to your desired settings. Tie that mode to the “Alarm Disarming” event and just for the hours 5 and 9.00pm you don’t even need to press a button when you come home.

Schedules and Timers

With advanced scheduler and timers, Zipato will do everything so you don't have to.

Any series of commands can be easily programmed with a timer function. You can decide when these events will be ran. An “Evening Lighting” home timer might lower the blinds, adjust the floor heating and turn on the garden and entry lighting. This timer can be adjusted by the home owner to run at 4.30pm in winter and 7.00pm in summer. Or simply set the timer to a given time before sunset so the timer automatically follows the seasons.

Lighting Control

An easy way to save energy and create the perfect ambience in your room

A hallway will illuminate automatically;
motion sensors will turn lights on and off, as you walk.
Turn the whole house off in one touch with a “Good Night” scene –
some lights can turn completely off and some can dim to lower level.
Program your lights to turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time.
Set your lights to a maximum level of 80%; your eyes won’t notice the difference but your utility bill will!

Climate Control

The easiest way to save energy and feel comfortable.

Whether you are using a touch panel, PC or mobile phone, Zipato provides you with the easiest and most advanced way to control heating, cooling, and humidity for every room in your home.



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