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Power meter
Temperature sensor
Plug-in switch
(Lights) Plug-in dimmer
Co2 alarm
Light alarm
Clime alarm
Door sensor
Glass break
On off switch
Temperature sensor
IR controller
Freeze sensor
Fire sensor
Gas Detector
CO Detector
Flood sensor

Zipato Architecture

Complete automation platform including local controllers, cloud servers, user and admin applications that all work together seamlessly.

Zipato Agent - the heart of the system

Connect everything –  the Zipato Agent is the software which run inside every Zipato controller.Supporting all popular automation standards, the Zipato Agent will connect all devices and manage them locally.

Zipato Agent powers all Zipato controllers

Zipato Applications - complete control anywhere, anytime

On the road, from your office or while lying on a tropical beach, you can control your home anywhere. You can have complete control of your house from the screen of your PC, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device.

Zipato Rule Creator - easy, yet powerful way to automate things

Zipato Rule Creator is an easy and intuitive web-based graphical tool that allows you to easily create and modify your automation rules. Press play to see how to build a simple home rule. 




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