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Zipato Credits

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Zipato credits allows you to buy our products and services.

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For what I can use my Zipato credits?

Extend all new services on your Zipato dashboard or buy new products.


How can I use Zipato credits

After purchasing Zipato credits, you will receive Coupon code for each batch which you purchased. For example, you can purchase 3x Zipato credits 25 and you will receive 3 coupon codes. To redeem these credits to your account, go to Zipato mobile app > Account > Wallet > Redeem coupon. Once after you redeem these coupons, you will have 75 credits on your Zipato account. Afterwards, you can go to Zipato shop and buy whatever you want for these credits.

Do I need Zipato credits for receiving SMS and Phone call alerts?

Yes, when receiving these types of alerts, certain amount of Zipato credits will be automatically deducted from your account for each message. Be aware that you won’t receive these alert messages if you don’t have enough credits left on your account.

Will Zipato credits expire if I don't use them now?

No, once you apply your Zipato credits to your account, they will stay active for an unlimited period of time. You can use them later.

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