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Smart hardware design of the Zipabox and it’s expansion modules, powered by unique graphical programming tool, available 24/7 in cloud environment, allows Zipato to provide revolutionary scalable solution for the home automation market.

For the first time ever, an easy DIY home automation solution can provide strong base for professional upgrade by allowing professional installers to upgrade the same system with more advanced equipment and programming logic. Zipabox is able to communicate over wire or wireless, using many important communication protocols such as TCP/IP, KNX, MODBUS, ZWAVE, ZIGBEE, X10 etc… Carrier grade cloud system, provide 24/7 monitoring and alerting functionality allowing both customers and integrator peace of mind regarding security and maintenance of the system. By using Zipato cloud service, it is possible to securely access home system from anywhere in the world, over any PC and Android/iOS mobile device. Besides ordinary monitoring and controlling activities, Zipato Online allows both customers and integrator to modify system remotely by using extremely intuitive graphical programming language, powerful enough to satisfy even the most advanced requirements.

During the Hi-tech building exhibition we will demonstrate complete system functionality including communication through different protocols, monitoring and alerting, remotely control by using PC and mobile devices, and remote programming and maintenance of the system. Also, we will use this opportunity to present Zipato Cluster, allowing you to merge as multiple Zipabox controller units to the single controlable cluster, which you can access, configure and control the same way as the single Zipabox. We will be glad to welcome you on our booth 1-156, at pavilion 1.
About Tri plus grupa
Tri plus grupa is a private limited company registered in Croatia. Tri plus grupa d.o.o. is a technology providing company and since the beginning of 2010 its focus is on development of Cloud based M2M platform. The company has an ambitious and experienced team which includes the co-founders with extensive experience in field of telecommunication services and core development team, which consists of highly skilled electronics and software system architects and programmers with different backgrounds. The team has expertise in various areas of information technology needed to create a multifunctional product that is extremely intelligent and user friendly at the same time. This combination of skills and experience creates a solid base and ideal team for developing a fully integrated complete intelligent building system.

About Zipato
Zipato is cloud based home security and automation system allowing customers to make their home safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Using both wired and wireless technology for connecting home devices, Zipato provides great flexibility for installers and complete peace of mind for homeowners.

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